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New Orleans Mold Removal Services

New Orleans La Mold Inspection, Testing and Remediation

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    The growth of mold in any building poses serious risks of health and structural damage. Molds are known to release spore-like seeds wherever they grow. These spores are continuously inhaled by man and animals, and becomes a silent killer. Most people do not think there's a chance of mold growing in their properties. The truth is that these spores are everywhere and only require a little amount of moisture to germinate on the surface of properties and start wreaking havoc. At New Orleans Mold Removal Services we offer fast and effective mold removal services for homes and businesses in New Orleans.

    About Us

    New Orleans Mold Removal Services is a mold removal service company currently licensed in New Orleans, Louisiana. We deliver excellent services in the field of mold removal and mold remediation. We serve both residential and commercial needs. For years, our clients have been able to trust us for the stability and reliability of our company. To ensure we keep delivering the best mold removal service, we have always kept tabs on the latest trends in the industry and we are never afraid to adopt new approaches. We have a great passion for what we do and you can always trust us to be punctual.


    Our services are driven by the need to protect lives and properties in New Orleans from the danger of mold exposure. We have the right combination of professionals, tools, and equipment to combat mold growth effectively and efficiently, regardless of how big or little the problem is. You should hire us to solve your mold problem because we have the capacity to handle every single step in the process of mold removal. Our services include mold inspection, mold testing, mold removal and remediation, and commercial mold removal and remediation. We offer these services at great prices.

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    Mold & Health

    Mold naturally occurs in nature. It is an important part of the ecosystem as it decomposes dead materials. When there is a water problem in a property, maybe due to a leak or flooding, mold spores settle on wet surfaces. The spores released by molds cause serious air pollution. When they are inhaled by people it can lead to serious respiratory problems and even worse cases with allergic people. Some asthma cases have been discovered to occur as a result of exposure to mold spores.

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    Mold Inspecting

    Mold inspection is the process whereby a professional mold inspector comes to examine a property for the presence of mold growth. Mold inspection is the first stage of the mold removal process. After you contact mold removal services on the possible presence of mold in your home, a professional mold inspector will be sent in to assess the situation. It is risky to wait until mold becomes even more visible before taking action. More visible mold represents the growth of an escalated situation.

    "I'm a safety manager in a company based in New Orleans. Two years ago, one of my workers came to report a mold problem to me. I didn't know a lot about mold then, so I checked Google for the best mold removal services in the city. I later hired New Orleans Mold Removal Services and I didn't regret it" - Paul C.

    Mold Testing

    After mold inspection, the next line of action is mold testing. Mold testing is the process whereby samples are taken of surfaces and areas suspected of mold contamination. The samples will then be taken to the lab for testing to ascertain if you have a mold problem and what type you may be facing. You should hire us at New Orleans Mold Removal for swift and efficient sampling. The four types of mold testing include air sampling, surface testing, dust sampling, and the use of mold dogs.

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    Mold Removal & Remediation

    For the best results, mold removal and mold remediation are done together. Once the lab results show the presence and locations of mold growth, mold removal should start with immediate effect as mold won't stop growing. Mold remediation follows mold removal based on the knowledge that it is impossible to rid an area completely of mold spores. Mold remediation is done to suppress spore levels to the safest possible level.

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    "My daughter was having recurring respiratory problems at one point. We didn't know what was causing it but my husband noticed it occurred mainly when she was in our home. We got New Orleans Mold Removal Service and they discovered mold growth in our home" - Beatrice R

    commercial mold removal & remediation

    Commercial Mold
    Removal & Remediation

    Mold growth in a business place poses a high risk for the health, finance, and assets of the business. When mold growth is not discovered and exterminated early enough, it may lead to the shutdown of the business until when the situation is under control, possibly damaging the reputation of the company in the process. At New Orleans Mold Removal Services, we have the right skill set and equipment to rid your facility of mold growth and return services to normal.

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    To solve the issue of the misconceptions surrounding mold and mold removal services, we deemed it important to create a list of four frequently asked questions about mold growth by our clients and web users. One of such questions is the question about how to detect mold presence. The signs you should watch out for include musty odor in your home, paint discoloration, respiratory problems, and water leaks that last up to 48 hours.

    "I am a real estate agent in New Orleans. Last year, I had trouble selling a property because of a large patch of mold growth. A colleague told me about New Orleans Mold Removal services. They saved the building and it rose its value" - Michael Rose

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