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About Our Business

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New Orleans Mold Removal Services has been around for years delivering world-class mold removal service all over New Orleans. We specialize in delivering mold removal and structural restoration to both homes and commercial facilities. Through years of serving the people of New Orleans, we've been able to document and follow trends in mold removal services and we continue to evolve today. This is in order to always bring state of the art service to our customers. We have been able to maintain a reliable and stable business structure since we started our company and this has brought about a sense of trust and reliability between us and both old and new customers. We are as transparent as a business can be.

As a business that operates in the emergency industry, we believe the best way we can serve our customers is by being punctual with all our services. We respond to calls in time, we arrive in time, we make assessments and proffer solutions with speed and accuracy. We hire only qualified technicians with all the necessary certifications for our team. We also have a wide range of professionals available on call. So, it doesn't matter what the source of your problem is, we will have you well covered. We bring in all the right equipment needed to restore order in your home and business facility. In the end, we never overlook safety. We carry all procedures to the highest possible safety standards, to guarantee the safety of families, workers, and our very own employees.

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