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mold & health damages

There are a lot of misconceptions on the topic of mold, how it grows, what type of mold is dangerous, and the best way to eradicate a mold problem. These misconceptions about the nature of mold have made people make risky decisions like ignoring the presence of mold until the problem grows out of proportion, causing serious structural and health problems. Below, we've gathered the questions we are frequently asked by our clients on mold and mold problems. We hope that with the answers we've provided, you get a better understanding of the nature of molds.

How do I detect the presence of mold in my home?

The early detection of mold in a home is the best way to tackle it. By the time mold becomes visible on the surfaces in your home, you already have a big mold problem because mold problems are always worse than you can see. So, what signs should you look out for? When there is a stale or musty smell in your home, when a water leak lasts for up to 48 hours and when you start having respiratory problems or allergic symptoms in your home.

Are all molds dangerous?

The simple answer is no but it is insufficient and can be quite misleading. This is because while not all molds are dangerous, there are too many types of molds for an untrained person to tell which is dangerous and which is not. The best thing you can do when there is visible mold in your home is to call mold inspection service. At New Orleans Mold Removal Service, we have the best mold inspectors in the city ready at your service. Whenever you need them.

Do I need professional help to remove mold?

The process of mold removal is too complicated to be done effectively by an individual. Most people turn away from professional mold removal service because they believe it is too expensive. The truth is that they eventually spend more and still return to hire mold professionals. There is a significant health risk involved in removing mold without the right protective equipment and tools. You could easily make yourself sick and also increase the contaminated area. Whatever your reason for opting to remove mold by yourself, it won't be worth it eventually.

How fast does mold grow?

First, it is important to note that molds are everywhere. To grow, mold only needs the presence of moisture and a porous surface. There are porous surfaces all over a home, so all a mold spore needs is the presence of moisture. Once these conditions are met, a spore will develop into a mold in about 48 hours. From there, a colony will be formed in less than 13 days. Mold will become visible in about 3 weeks after germination. This is why experts will always advise you to do all you can to avoid the right conditions for mold growth in your home.

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