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Mold Inspecting

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Mold inspection is the process whereby a building is examined for the presence of mold. Mold inspection should be done by a professional mold inspector. A professional mold inspector has the necessary experience, training, and equipment to detect the presence of mold and also tell how big the mold problem you're facing is. Mold inspection is the very first step to be taken when a mode problem is suspected. While it is true that not all molds are toxic, only an expert mold inspector can sufficiently tell if mold is toxic or not.

When You Notice the Presence of Mold

To tackle a mold problem as early as possible, you shouldn't wait till patches of mold appear in your building before contacting us at New Orleans Mold Removal Services. You stand to gain a lot by tackling a mold problem before it spreads. It is much cheaper to solve when discovered early. Also,  you and your family or workers stand a lesser health risk due to mold spore exposure. Signs you shouldn't overlook include moldy or stale odors, discolored wall paint, discolored ceilings, bad sidings, bad drainage, and any form of leak.

Water Problem

The presence of mold spores in the atmosphere at all times means if the conditions are right, there's always a chance of mold growth. You should contact us for our expert mold inspection service when your building develops a water problem. Buildings with water problems have the biggest risk of mold growth. Issues like leaky roofs, leaky windows, damaged water pipes, and flooding have a high tendency to have mold, even after they've been fixed. Spores need less than 48 hours to germinate into a mold, so you should have a mold inspection done in your building whenever a water spill lasts that long.

New Buildings

If you're looking to move into a new building, it is advisable that you employ the service of a mold inspector. This is because, during the process of construction, there's a number of possible events that could have led to mold growth. For instance, the exposure of building materials to water for a period of two days can lead to mold growth. Mold is one of nature's foremost decomposers. And inside a building, this makes it a real nuisance. Our highly professional mold inspectors will help you inspect new buildings, anywhere in New Orleans, at a very reasonable price.

Before Property Sale

Before putting a building up for sale, you are required to ascertain that it is in good condition. Mold Inspection is one of the important steps in doing this. Some legal procedures will require you to make your building's mold history available. No one wants to inherit a mold problem and it will affect your negotiations with prospective buyers negatively if you can't provide the necessary information. With our Mold Inspection Service, we can inspect your home for molds and provide the necessary documentation to show your home is mold-free. And if a problem is detected, we will always be ready to fix it in due time.

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